Sausage Tree

November 2022
Catherine Armstrong

Sausage Tree should probably come with a health warning. Movie-lovers will recall there is a famous scene in ‘NottingHill’ where Hugh Grant’ character bemoans that he’s had love heroin (with Julia Roberts) and nothing will ever compare. Well, I feel this could be applied in a safari context, beyond doubt, to Sausage Tree.

So, to stick with the ‘love’ theme❤️💜 (and with apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning)…

Sausage Tree.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways

For the excellent guiding (thank you Alex): which drew us in so deeply and warmly into the world of the bush;

For your mesmerising setting: an unparalleled vantage of nature’s beauty and rhythms;

For the wealth and intimacy of encounters with your animals: which thrilled and hypnotised us;

For your staff: with welcomes as sincere as the Zambezi is broad, and with unwavering enthusiasm and kindness in all things;

The activities: which allowed us to bear witness to the extraordinary, in such a myriad of ways, on land and on water;

Your conservation endeavours and partnerships: which instructed us on the challenges and threats which lurk, even in the heart of such wilderness;

For your hospitality: mouth-watering cuisine (including the best Bloody Marys on the planet …and, yes, I’ve sampled a few in my time);

For your comforts: a serene and luxurious place to rest and observe;

And for the lifelong impression you’ve left on our family: of our responsibilities to protect what is so vital and precious.

And, to return to Elizabeth BarrettBrowning,

I love thee to the level of everyday’s

Most quiet need, by sun and candlelight.