Unique combination of a large agency’s background, experience and contacts with a small agency’s individual client attention and dedication. Your company will be represented personally by our MD, Anita Powell, who has 16 years of experience of working in the luxury travel trade

  • Experienced in generating innovative marketing campaigns and solutions that support and enhance public relations and sales
  • Proven track record for substantially increasing sales and exposure through the development of clear, focused and targeted strategies
  • Increased efficiency and cost savings by leveraging existing Small World Marketing offices and infrastructure
  • Excellent contacts and intimate knowledge of UK/European trade and media to help enhance your presence in these markets
  • Elite portfolio of clients ensuring your company is affiliated with some of the top properties in Africa and the Indian Ocean
  • Exclusive selection of clients allowing us to give each client the dedication and attention they deserve

Our Approach

In order to ensure that the strategy we follow is aligned with your organisation’s objectives we follow a four step plan to create a tailor-made marketing plan:

  • Establish your objectives: take time to understand your key outcomes; whether you seek an increase in sales, a change of opinion in the media or a specific commercial goal.
  • Determine existing media & trade opinions about your company enabling us to develop a marketing & PR plan with the insight of the market influencers. This allows us to address any misperceptions and devise a strategy where each tactic is aligned with issues or opportunities.
  • Develop the strategy according to your budget and timeframe including measurement criteria so you are able to assess our performance as well as your company’s.
  • Deliver a written report to clients on a monthly basis detailing activity and achievements enabling you to quickly review the success of our communication strategy. This transparency is a trademark of the way we work.

The Team


Anita has an extensive knowledge of the luxury travel industry, and has built up strong relationships with key contacts at a senior level in both the media and trade during the fifteen years she has been working in the industry.  Anita set up Small World Marketing in January 2006 as she identified a gap in the market for a specialist representation company offering the full complement of trade and PR activities.  Anita is the Vice Chair of the African Travel Trade Association.



Julie’s background has been in marketing, promotions and sales gained from working in vibrant multi-national companies predominantly in the Far East including The Economist Group, The Walt Disney Company and prior to that with Conde Nast UK in the UK.  Julie has a passion for communication, problem solving and of course travel!


Jo is our invaluable office organizer.  Dealing with everything from accounts to broken printers, admin and endless tidying, Jo ensures our office run smoothly with a meticulous efficiency!


With a respected reputation in Publishing, International Communications, Marketing and Brand Strategy that spans over 12 years, Jessica has worked with some of the world’s leading luxury gobal brands (including Esteé Lauder, Tom Ford Beauty and Crème de la Mer) as well as smaller more niche companies across a variety of sectors.  Focusing primarily on luxury beauty, travel and lifestyle industries, her creative, enthusiastic approach combined with a love of getting to the heart of what makes a brand tick makes her a valuable member of the SWM Team.